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From: IotB
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15:26 11/13/2017
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Subject: PSA: Do you use belts for your waist? - [Edit Post]          0   0

If so, do you have issues like I do where just common use ends up tearing and fraying the hell out of the leather to the point you only use it when your appearance doesn't matter?

Well I picked up a Ratchet Belt off Amazon for like $17 and I gotta say it's awesome and one of the best belts I've purchased, and I've purchased a few. You are going to greatly reduce the wear and tear that normally comes with fastening a regular belt, and it looks pretty damn nice. You can even buy ones that mimic the appearance of a real / normal belt buckle if you want.

I picked up a Dante's belt. There are other more high end belts, like Kore, Trakline and Slide belt if you want to do some research. But honestly all this stuff is made in china, so... I figured I'd just go pick out one of the ones on amazon for $20 or less and see how it works.

Big Sale 60% Off-Dante Ratchet Click Genuine Leather Dress Belt for men with Linxx Buckle 1 1/8" Width $12.99
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