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From: IotB
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18:02 11/13/2017
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Subject: Well you are probably right. - [Edit Post]          0   0

I have been buying from department stores like JCPenny's or better for years and it always seemed to be the same, even when I bought a higher quality belt in those stores. So I've always figured it was just how belts were.

Doing a bit of research, I see the following ranking on leather quality.

Best : Full grain leather
2nd : Top grain leather
3rd : Genuine leather (Junk quality starts here)
4th : Bonded leather

I also found that Costco has a black full grain leather belt for $17.99


So I will probably get one of those as well.

The Ratchet Belt is still nice though (even though the leather is junk). It's a lot more precise on tightness which may or may not be something desired. I also think that it won't wear and tear as easily as a regular belt.

But thanks for the advice, I did not know I was buying crap leather all this time. :)
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