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From: Rom
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07:59 12/06/2017
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Subject: my first WH total war 2 game is going along and there is one thing I really like - [Edit Post]          1   0

twice now I've had a major battle blow up on me that was kind of game-defining

the first one was a fight against a dark elf troup that just showed up when I was doing a ritual (i'm playing high elves this game) - I gather this is what happens if you hire someone to disrupt a ritual - anyway I was projected to lose and it was my legendary lord. I am trying to catch up with the lizard men that are out there ritualizing like crazy and if I lost that fight I think the game was out of reach

during the last ritual 3 full stacks of chaos and hired skaven appeared - very nip and tuck fights that I would lose on auto resolve

has led the ocassional sense of 'oh my' to the game

i'm playing on 'normal' difficulty so I figure I should win just based on what I know from TW 1 and it has surely helped in those big fights
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