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From: Fustrum
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13:09 12/06/2017
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Subject: You can set battle and campaign difficulty separately... - [Edit Post]          1   0

Normal campaign difficulty not only gives you quite a bit more money to work with, it also makes the AI factions much less aggressive towards you. Pretty much they will never just up and Declare War on you out of the blue for no reason (as long as you don't wreck your Diplomatic reputation). At Hard, they do this all the time.

The High Elfs have a very easy starting position in the Vortex campaign (have not tried them in Mortal Empires). So I played them on Hard/Hard. But the other factions have it a lot rougher so those I played mostly Normal campaign, Hard battles. Of course, Normal campaign will also make battles easier because you can afford bigger/better/more armies. But I also use a lot of house rules for aesthetic purposes - never more than 1 dragon per army, for example.

The AI has no such scruples, alas.

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