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From: Fustrum
Registered User
14:46 12/06/2017
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Subject: My father is a hopeless pedant... - [Edit Post]          1   0

It is simply beyond his capacity to refrain from back-seat driving no matter what the activity. The other day, I watched him lecture my now-helpless mother about how to eat fish and chips - its that bad.

This is the hardest thing about him to endure. And endure it one must because if you complain or tell him to back off (or even drop hints that you are annoyed), he throws himself an epic pity party and he then won't stop whining about how unfair you are being until you practically beg him for forgiveness for ever thinking you could figure out how to sand a piece of wood on your own.

Ugh, so frustrating.

He's probably worse this way towards me because of ancient habits from when I was a little kid. And old habits die hard. I've been hoping he would eventually come to terms with the fact that his son is now 52 years old but I've not seen any sign of progress. But I guess its also a form of compensation - he's struggling a lot coming to terms with his gathering decrepitude. So considering himself an expert in all things, and those around him fools, must give himself some comfort.

Please forgive my rant.

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