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From: Ganelon
18:19 12/06/2017
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Location: Bradenton, FL
Subject: I completely understand... - [Edit Post]          1   0

My mother is just terrible in that way. I 'get' that it is par for the course for a career teacher/principle, but our relationship has become off putting to me because of it.

My way of handling it has become very blunt... when she does it, I call her on it. If she gives me attitude, I let her know that I will exit the relationship until such a time as she relents that behavior.

Now, she isn't happy about this. But, she wants a relationship. I do, too... but under the terms that it isn't unpleasant for me.

The point I am getting is... I clearly and absolutely lay out the terms I will accept in order for her to have a relationship.
I have never witnessed anyone who said that we need to get beyond ideology actually abandon his own position for the sake of unity. ... he says that because he wants the other side to stop disagreeing with him.

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