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From: Gilic
Registered User
08:39 12/07/2017
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Location: UK
Subject: Mail? Pun in there somewhere? and my experiences - [Edit Post]          1   0

About 10 years ago my mother came round one evening to babysit our youngest daughter. When we got home after a lovely meal and evening (around 4/5 hours) we found that she had completely re-arranged all our furniture in our living room to where she thought it should go! You can imagine how well that went down with my wife lol!

More recently I'm having fun with my dad. I'm his power of attorney so am dealing with his financial issues as his is showing signs of dementia. Every time I do anything he spends days checking it and then tells me it's all wrong. I finally lost it with him last week and reminded him that he asked me to do it as he couldn't cope anymore and that I hadn't asked to do it. If he wanted it back then he was welcome to have it. I wasn't proud of myself but FFS it gets old fast. Anyway I know how much fun it is to deal with parents and I just hope I'm not as much of a pain to my kids when I'm older :(

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