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From: Siege
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11:49 01/11/2018
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Subject: I found base building disappointing - [Edit Post]          0   0

The size of the base you can make is heavily restricted. It's ridiculously small. You can bypass those limits but that disqualifies it from being shared.

It's grindy without much point and it's very clear there's no 'big secret'. Conversations with the base overseer hints very strongly he's aware their universe is a video game and that it's been created to serve the player's interest. Consequently he's a little bitter about the pointless war they endured, the enslavement by the sentinels, etc and I get the feeling he'd turn the player into fertilizer if he got the chance. The Atlas path is just a sham that mimics an actual story but is in fact hollow and pointless. It's like the whole game is mocking the player. It has its moments but I've played better games.

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