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From: Jouk
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01:55 01/12/2018
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Subject: For under $20 (what I paid for a PS4 copy), it's pretty decent. - [Edit Post]          0   0

There's really not that much things to do, but most of the times it still *feels* like there's tons to do because of "whole wide, vast universe".

I guess there's a component where you can affect "how interesting it is" by putting your base in a very hostile environment, etc.

But it's definitely a game for explorers - if you like seeing "ooh, pretty" planets and searching for them, then you're gonna have fun.

The base building and crafting are all "addons" as is the story, sure.

But I have to hand it to them; the amount of stuff they have added since release is a *lot*. And to keep the console versions on par with dozen(s) of gigabytes patches is something I really tip my hat at.

There's a definite "No Man's Sky 2 is going to be awesome because the aliens't won't be like glued on, separate stickers and maybe there will be actual alien worlds/cities, etc" - wibe to it.

But I'm kind of thankful they didn't just say "well, we didn't get to put all the stuff we wanted into this one, let's forget it and start developing the sequel".
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