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From: Fustrum
Registered User
10:12 01/12/2018
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Subject: I've been playing some Skyrim lately... - [Edit Post]          0   0

I wish I could figure out why its so satisfying to just fart around in that game world.

I go through a little burst with it every couple years, I guess. And I'm to the point where I kind of remember every nook and cranny of every dungeon. Maybe there's a sort of pleasure in the act of remembering where to find things?

I always go into a new game with some intention for an exotic build, but I always gravitate strong to a stealth/illusion build. This time I'm trying an archer and will use werewolf form for heavy melee situations. Unless I end up playing backstab/illusion again ^_^

Been looking for a mod that will give me werewolf form more than once/day.

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