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From: Ganelon
10:29 01/12/2018
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Location: Bradenton, FL
Subject: Yeah... it is why both Skyrim and FO4 stay on my HDD. - [Edit Post]          0   0

Every now and then I just wanna get into one of the mechanics of the game. The mod that lets you sim your communities is a hoot.

You basically define a plot to build, assign a person to it, and they build it...decorate it... and it changes over time.

I also run with the mod that lets you take the dog with you no matter who your companion is. That is apparently less a mod and more of an unlock, as it was the design intention to begin with... they just locked it down rather than work on the general companion pathing glitches.

Other than that, I keep mods to the minimum, as it starts to become egon the equivalent of playing on godmode, which is the death of fun to me.
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