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From: Arkey
Sheep Herder
12:31 01/12/2018
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Location: FL
Subject: FWIW, it is VERY clear that almost all the administration have no idea what they're doing. - [Edit Post]          0   0

Almost all of them were outsiders who didn't know much about how government worked and they got in there, much to the surprise of most folks.

And then they had a lot of infighting and insanity and well frankly, the idea that they let someone like Wolff come and go so many times in itself is just mind blowing. The guy went to Vassar FFS, people don't go there and come out in favor of anything that the "right wing" does, ever.

Coupled with obvious efforts to create news to distract from other unpopular things, well it all makes for a formula of a LOT of negative press.

Though they've made it work for them. Those weighted "word bubbles" (which are larger if the words are more often used) of what was said around Rump and Clinton before the election were incredible evidence about it. On hers there were two big negatives "Emails" and "Benghazi" - Rump had dozens of negatives, but they were all small because there were just so many of them.
"Let he who hasn

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