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From: Sinter
Registered User
10:46 02/12/2018
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Location: SW Florida
Subject: It's so awesome when (MASSIVE SPOILERS) - [Edit Post]          1   0

I've never played the game, actually. But I was thinking (usually a bad sign)...

If you ever wanted to write something about Sardonic (or anyone else who doesn't want to be spoiled on something), making a fake spoiler post would be a great way to do so without them reading it for a while. At least until they play the game/watch the movie/whatever.

Maybe we could make it tradition to say nice things about them so in a few weeks, after they've seen the content and if/when they choose to check back, they'd get a pleasant surprise. :)

Just a funny thought that entered my head when I saw this post. Heh.

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