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From: ouro
Pinky Pinkerton
13:39 02/12/2018
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Subject: Re: I installed my Nintendo Switch this weekend and started with Zelda - [Edit Post]          1   0

I really like the system. I think I use it more portable than I do on a big tv. It's not even close to 50/50, I proably use it as much as 75-80% portable.

Here's a case I'd recommend.


Yeah it's expensive but it's also awesome and does not scream 'gamer case' when traveling, which is as I'd like it. :-)

I'd also recommend this, for that 25% of the time I'm not using it portable:


That will let you plug it into a big TV without having to travel with the dock. Great if you live in a hotel for significant portions of your life due to work.

I really am enjoying that new Zelda game. I'm probably 75% complete the way these things are measured in Zelda. The music, I felt, fits the 'wilderness' feeling of the world. Sometimes you'll hear riffs of old Zelda music and it almost feels more powerful because it's rare, but mostly it's the sound of the wind and some piano riffs as you are out exploring.

I also don't mind the weapon thing but it becomes much less annoying after you've expanded your weapon inventory some. I have some annoyances but I'll save those, they could potentially be spoiler-y but they get into what you are talking about with the environmental effects.

Anyway, enjoy!

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