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From: Ganelon
18:51 02/12/2018
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Location: Bradenton, FL
Subject: Dude... there is no explanation that makes it not suck. - [Edit Post]          1   0

You can tell me all the history of the artists, and they may be the big tits of 'the scene'... The pose and dress are good. But seriously, look at her disturbingly out of proportion face. The eyes... my god... it's a lazy eye! She looks like those old timey cadaver pics. You know, where they prop up the newly dead corpse as a still life. Yeah, like that.

And Obama's looks like a cut scene from the opening theme of Sponge Bob... like it is a freeze frame. And really... we see his socks and ankles cuz his pants are in Steve Erkle levels of hiked up. You gotta understand... I don't like the guy... but he has a good face and wears himself well. This portrait has zero 'Obama' in it.

To tell me these artists are projecting their 'style' is the equivalent of Pee Wee flipping over his handlebars into a lawn, straightening up and telling the onlooking kids "I meant to do that".

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