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From: Crosswind
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23:18 02/12/2018
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Subject: Boston Recommendations: - [Edit Post]          1   0

1.) You chose well, Faneuil Hall is a good center base. I tend to AirBNB, which also works.

2.) Go to the North End. Eat some cannoli. Excellent italian food there. No specific recs from me, I'm spoiled.

3.) Go to the waterfront (seaport district). Just hang a bit - get a beer on the docks, eat some chowder if it's cold. The Barking Crab is a traditional spot.

4.) Walk the freedom trail. Check out some of the historical churches, cemetaries. Boston common.

5.) Walk the esplanade or take a tour along the Charles River.

6.) Not sure if any tall ships in town. But I'm generally pro harbor stuff.

7.) I really like our museum of science, particularly if you're with kids or are just basically an 11 year old at heart.

8.) Our MFA is excellent, as are smaller art museums like the Isabella Stuart Gardner museum.

Basically, whether you do these things in a walking tour or a bus/boat really depends on the weather. Boston is a super walkable city, and our public transit isn't the worst either. It's getting to the point where it's tough to recommend a favorite place to eat, because it's not like they're rare at this point, but I really enjoy:

a.) The Publick House in Brookline, MA. Best gastropub/beer menu in Boston.

b.) El Pelon by Fenway is the best burritos in Boston. Order El Guapo.

c.) You should eat somewhere in the North End. Somebody else should be more helpful for this than I would.

d.) If you've never had Ethiopian food, Boston has some of the best outside of DC (which has the best, by far). Try Addis Red Sea in the South End.

e.) The Oriental de Cuba has the best cuban food. It's in Jamaica Plain, a bit south of Boston.

If you're into specifics, or have a thing you particularly like, I can recommend stuff for that too.


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