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From: kiltdown
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07:19 02/13/2018
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Location: Bostonia
Subject: all good thoughts - [Edit Post]          1   0

If you like the water and/or old forts, you can take a harbor cruise to George's island. If you just like old forts there's castle island which is neither a castle nor an island. It's mostly use a nice park but the water. Plan on eating something from Sullivan's shack if you go there. Everybody seems to and everybody seems to live through it.

Harvard square will likely be swarming with frosh and 'rents in early sept and you prob won't be allowed into the Yard - check ahead

It's really hard to go wrong in the north end for Italian food, and there are other good spots for that elsewhere in most neighborhoods.

Can't echo the walking bit loudly enough. There's also the Hubway bike system if you like to cycle. Good way to see the Charles.

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