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From: Gnorst
Registered User
16:09 02/13/2018
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Location: Hudson, WI
Subject: Awesome! Here's some initial thoughts - [Edit Post]          1   0

Ultimately (unfortunately) the defining characteristic of whatever I wind up getting is going to be the price tag.

I'd like something better in winter. I like the push button starting, don't care about back up cameras, like heated seats, and am tending right now to favor cars with more clearance than something like the Jetta.

I loved diesel, but selection there feels very limited, and the inevitable comparisons to the Jetta would be very likely to feel negative. In fact with regards to milage, longevity, and reliability I don't see much likelihood that I'll wind up in the positive column over the Jetta.

Don't care about european character. I'm not much of a car guy (a car guy wouldn't drive a Jetta for 18 years). No pickup trucks, but a CX5 or a Crosstrek would be cool. Not really into wagons. Love Jeeps. I know they aren't all that good of cars, but the old CJ-Wrangler two door Jeeps are my favorites (but don't fit the current family situation).

I've been glancing at CX5's and Crosstreks.

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