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From: Ceorl
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16:28 02/13/2018
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Location: Scenic southeast Michigan
Subject: I drive a CX-5 - [Edit Post]          1   0

It's a 2016, so the old/original body style, but I think it's great. The mileage could be better (I get about 25mpg in "spirited" mixed highway/city driving), but it's a fun, practical, affordable little SUV and by all accounts the new one is even better. Mrs. C's Mazda3 just hit 150k without any mechanical issues at all, so there's definitely some longevity in the brand.

You live in Wisconsin so AWD and ground clearance matter. Car geeks like to whine about the American obsession with AWD, but now that I've had it for a winter I won't go back to FWD as long as I live in Michigan.

You're totally right about Jeeps though, Fiat-Chrysler's quality problems are deep, chronic, and very real. I wouldn't recommend ANYTHING they make.

You mentioned the CX-5 and Crosstrek, good calls. I'd add the Forester to the list and you might want to look into the Rav4 and CRV. I know very little about the Kia/Hyundai equivalents, but I've heard bad things about the Nissan Rogue quality wise.

Side note: everything will have a backup camera soon, so you won't be paying extra for one.

tl;dr- I like my CX-5, I would recommend it to anyone interested in a compact crossover.
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