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From: Ganelon
10:02 03/16/2019
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Location: Bradenton, FL
Subject: The Doom Patrol series is a triumph - [Edit Post]          0   0


It eclipses any of the Marvel Netflix shows, and that is a bold claim, I know. I hold the Daredevil series in very high regard, but I LOVE Doom Patrol and everyone in it.

It's... hell, it's perfect. Excellent writing, performances, characters, plot, and pacing. It knows what it wants to be, and it is fresh and nails it.

From the very first episode!!!!

And Alan Tuduk is SUCH a good villain! He plays Mr. Nobody... and can be described as a combination of Loki, The Joker, and Deadpool. But not over-the-top... I can't explain it. Whenever he is around... he acts as a 4th wall breaking narrator... while still in the show.
He opens the show:

This show is NOT like other genre shows.

All the characters get to stand out in the way their personal story requires them to.

Doom Patrol is just...delightfully good.

The Titans was a love/hate view... with alot of bad choices. The DC Universe streaming channel was not wise to lead with it. However, the Doom Patrol justifies its existance.

I strongly... STRONGLY ... recommend you sign up to the service for at least a month to watch it... and peak at other things you may be curious about.

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