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From: Sardonic
My little pony
12:58 05/17/2019
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Location: New York, NY USA
Subject: It's interesting.... - [Edit Post]          1   0

The Greeks said all the dead went to the River Lethe drank from it and forget their living life completely. The good went onto the Elysian Fields and lived in pure bliss and others just...faded out of existence.

Modern Christianity assumes that heaven is a closeness with God and creation that is so beyond our human imagining that we'd be so connected with the whole that the individual parts would be less essential.

If I got my pick, and was allowed in, I would like heaven to be instanced for each individual like an MMO ;). My heaven would have all the people, pets, and opportunities that I wanted in it. Since it is instanced, the choices that would make me happy would not bring unhappiness on others for being there because they would be in their eternal happiness. And everyone in my existence would co-exist together happily because that is what I wanted. So I'd have my family, friends, pets, the women I have loved, beautiful weather, a library, and the ability to observe the universe from any vantage point from the mountains in California to seeing a galaxy.

Just no PKing in my instance.

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"I was working on a flat tax proposal and accidentally proved there is no God." - Homer J. Simpson

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