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From: Ganelon
17:18 05/18/2019
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Location: Bradenton, FL
Subject: Sorry for the strife... - [Edit Post]          1   0

Social media interaction are not social interactions... we are unrestrained from the "rules" we usually follow in face to face or even phone conversations... the "I won't say something to that will ruin this relationship" that we instinctively follow because we are sharing a togetherness in that moment.

My Facebook rule is straightforward... A persons Facebook feed is their soapbox. They (or I) get to say whatever is desired in whatever tone they desire it. It isn't for anyone else to rebut or rebuke. However, people that post hateful shit don't get followed and do not show in my feed... and if they are really unhinged, I de-friend. Family or not.

For my side... I do not care to post political comments or share political things (but for few acceptations). I posted the Privilege vid because I felt is was a fair and clarify view of a term that gets weaponized by the Identify Politic side of the Left and dismissed as merely Political Correctness Run Amok but the Right. In my opinion, there is a middle ground the sane liberal/conservative folk can live in on that issue.

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