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From: Sardonic
My little pony
19:35 05/18/2019
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Location: New York, NY USA
Subject: Ganelonia, for guys on the killer scale of the bartle test like me... - [Edit Post]          1   0

Killer/Social/Achiever/Explorer -- he ruined UO ;) It's a joke.

To me EQ killed the MMOG. WoW perfected the EQ model and expanded on it. And it's been static ever since (with maybe the exception of EVE, DAOC or Star Wars Galaxies), when I thought that would be the direction of gaming.

I actually like interacting and combatting other players in RPGs because players make better stories than designers. Now interaction is severely curtailed in any PVP environments in an RPG except in limited cases (EVE or sPVP in GW2 and the latter was very ephemeral). No one wants the headache of moderating these games and one bad incident can now be all over Twitter.


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