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From: Ganelon
07:19 05/19/2019
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Location: Done.
Subject: That may be for you... but then people on that scale were killing the subs. - [Edit Post]          1   0

That isn't my opinion, that is a fact stated by Origin.

The end solution of having two facets was ideal and saved the game. Those people that cry about it, saying they were the 'good' player killers... they are full of shit. They didn't want 'opt in' PvP because killing players that wanted all the other things UO had to offer was lucrative and entertaining to them. The proof is in the whine... they don't want another player to have the option of not being killed and losing their game time/loot.

I played the hell out of UO for years. I got everything out of that game. I was a PK, bar owner, RPer, Guild master and Dungeon crawler. I would never have gotten past PK if they didn't introduce facets because I wouldn't have had a CHOICE.

Fun fact: My bar 'The Drunken Druid' was still in the game, last time I checked a few years ago. It was unchanged from the time I sold it on ebay for 250.00. My buddy and I grinded out leather bras to get the gold to buy the deed... this was in the first year of the game. We placed it on the side of the road by the desert area between Britain and Vesper. Good times.

Post Edited - 07:21:06 AM 05-19-2019

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