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From: Fustrum
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12:26 05/19/2019
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Subject: I also bought some wood dye... - [Edit Post]          1   0

Even though this ammonia thing works, I still don't think I'd actually use it for a project of any size. Because of control issues. I imagine it would be very hard to get a consistent, even color - every tree and even parts of the same tree will have different levels of tannin in the wood. I read that they used to use tea (which also has tannin) to apply on wood to even it out and that sounds like a very high-skill process.

The dye stain is they way they get a mission finish now. Its pretty elaborate:

1) Sand surface to 80 grit.
2) wet surface with distilled water to raise grain
3) after dry, sand fuzz back off with super-fine
4) apply dye, it's water based so grain will raise again
5) sand that fuzz back off
6) seal surface
7) apply a gel stain. because of the seal it will only enter the pores and won't actually stain the wood itself.
8) apply finish coats

but before I do any of that, I have to get the nerve up to actually start the final round of cuts and do the assembly.

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