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From: Sardonic
My little pony
19:22 05/19/2019
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Location: New York, NY USA
Subject: I was thinking about this a lot today - [Edit Post]          1   0

And I was thinking it be nice if you could have a UO like game (modern graphics, but isometric) where people could set up their own servers.

One with full PVP/full loot of other player.

One with full PVP/random loot, no loss to player of any loot (like GW2 WvW);

Permadeath yes/no;

Ability to establish guilds/clans;

Ability to siege cities or player buildings above a certain rank;

Reputation system, but more robust so you'd have both factional/individual reputations;

NPCs/player can see reputations; other players can see reputations yes/no.

I'd love to have guild/clan reputations.

Max players per server/server ability to ban players/servers can be private and invite only.

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