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From: Sardonic
My little pony
11:56 05/28/2021
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Location: New York, NY USA
Subject: Newt Gingrich: - [Edit Post]          0   0

“The right to bear arms is not about hunting. It’s not about target practice. The right to bear arms is a political right designed to safeguard freedom so that no government can take away from you the rights that God has given you.” - 2011.

"Second amendment remedies" - Sharron Angle, Nevada Republican Senate candidate, 2009.

This is like standard NRA crap we hear all our lives. It's one of their favorite talking points based on their incorrect reading of the second amendment.

Liz Cheney was removed from leadership. Matt Gaetz, I believe will be indicted soon. So train your fire (get it!) on the NRA and the millions they dole out for political matters. Indeed, that's the way of advancement up the leadership ;)

Post Edited - 12:58:47 PM 05-28-2021
"In the words of the late great Colonel Sanders: 'I'm too drunk to taste this chicken.'"

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