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From: Sardonic
My little pony
17:40 05/31/2021
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Location: New York, NY USA
Subject: Sardonic's Elder Scrolls Online Story: The Veteran Scalecaller Peak (long) - [Edit Post]          0   0

I have to interrupt your Pillars of Eternity I mean Path of Exiles (seriously can this place come up with a new acronym? Is Path so hard to type?).

Sardonic in his journeys through Tamriel created Nekromantaion, a Dunmer (Dark Elf) sorcerer. Now given the name he was supposed to be a Dunmer necromancer, however, Sardonic accidentally hit the wrong button in the create window, and went five levels and thought "Hey five levels is too much to go back and restart." One year later, here he is.

Elder Scrolls far different from its beginnings has fifty levels and then championship points. These were originally capped at 803 when I started the game. It is now capped at 3600. I have 760. The game's upper limits get harder to advance and really appears to be less useful other than bragging rights at around 1600-1700. But I feel strong enough to do four person veteran dungeons and normal twelve person "trials." There is another split given the game's age and power inflation as with all games, the initial dungeons are much easier than the dungeons that were part of later DLC content.

Why the long setup? Because last night was Veteran Scalecaller Peak. Scalecaller Peak has a great helm for a sorcerer as a reward at the end and is considered one of the most difficult four person dungeons in the game.

Four person groups in Elder Scrolls Online are one tank, one healer, two damage dealers. The roles are very strict and hybrid builds are difficult to pull off. The tank needs to tank. The healer needs to heal. And the DPS needs to damage.

Since I play games with none of you, I have had to use my manifest social skills to make friends in the game. In our story Gabrien a Breton necromancer and Alaric a High Elf Templar will be our other damage dealer/and healer respectively. Shimond, our very own Sean/Baby, also appears as a tank templar. Shimond is like Sardonic in this game in that he makes rare appearances that are always enjoyable. Okay maybe that last part does not apply to me.

So the plot, because I don't stream. Now no one cares about plot in these dungeons but you are getting it anyway.

Zaan is a Nord dragon priest and her dragon, Thurvukon, leaves her behind to go make a new stronghold in a Dwemer fortification and live in isolation. She gives herself over to the Daedric Prince of plague Peryite who gives her the Spellbreaker shield in return (Spellbreaker is a reward to the Dragonborn in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and has its own history). She dies after her followers become annoyed at her, but a new cult reawakens her.

Jorvuld an explorer beckons you to help him with a new plague breaking out and two other explorers Ilya and some other dude I forget but with a German accent also join in. Ilya has designs on Spellbreaker. Jorvuld will become infected with the plague during the dungeon run and you can cure him if you pay attention. No one pays attention.

Now you are climbing the peak to the temple, and it is grand given the age of the game.

Your first set of bosses are two ogres: Rinaerus the Rancid and Orzun the Foul-Smelling. The fight is complicated because Rinaerus stands in the middle of the room and Orzun runs around the room. You can not keep them combined otherwise you die from an extremely powerful AOE. The other issue is that you have to kill them at the same time, because each provides a protection to the other's attacks. Lose one of those protections and the other one fires you die.

So the tank has to pick up Orzun to protect the group. The healer has to protect the tank. One DPS has to hit Orzun and the other DPS has to focus Rinaerus. In the meantime, Orzun casts a spell that hits all combatants and you have to go into a freezing set of shards, get frozen, and wait for his attack to hit and unfreeze you. Miss the shards, you die. Stay too long frozen and you die. Freeze and break too early you die. These are the group destroying attacks, but Orzun has other attacks the tank must block.

Rinaerus then throws something at all combatants. Orzun uses ice pillars to injure you but those ice pillars are also protective. But they come in two shapes. Medium ice pillars and large ice pillars. The medium ice pillars do nothing. The large ice pillars protect you. Step outside the pillar, even if the other boss is banging on you and you die.

Rinaerus also summons "skeevers" that do poison damage as an AOE. These are sort of a nuisance but again, stand too long in them and die.

If the tank drops at any point the group will likely wipe.

Luckily I am DPS.

Combined the bosses have 4 million hit points.

I would say my I am around 18,000 damage per second, if all things were perfect.

Since this requires learning the mechanic, coordination, the chance of dying, and some level of frustration, most pick up groups stop here. Our intrepid heroes died about four to six times getting ourselves straightened out. But alas, the glory could continue.

Next up is Doylemish Ironheart, a frozen gargoyle. Now there are a bunch of pillars with orbs on them. These orbs fire beams that you have to dodge. But Doylemish, with his 3.7 million hit points summons a stone orb with its own beam that tracks individual players along with ice wraiths, at 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% health. The beam from this stone initially snares you, then turns you into stone, a player has to rescue you from the stone state via a synergy. On veteran mode Doylemish then puts his eyebeams on these stone figures and if not interrupted instant death ensues.

The tank again holds things in place and blocks as Dolyemish hits for a lot and is immune from crowd control like all other bosses in game, DPS hits him down every 20 percent and then turns to the stone orb to demolish it and some wraith killing for clearance. A couple of deaths here for our wondrous team, but we master the mechanic and move on.

Matriarch Aldis is next. Every ten percent damage to her she summons a corrupted Leimenid that attacks the group and you must autofocus on it. The water around the group is frozen and damages you badly. I'd like to say we did this fight properly, but we cheese it by trapping her and doing AOE healing, preventing her from the benefit of her summons and so she was demolished quickly and sadly.

Moving on!

Plague Concocter Mortieu (full name Natien Mortieu, a Breton, I guess of French extraction?) is our next boss and his alchemy lab where he concocts the plague. The boss has 10 million hitpoints, which is less about how hard he is then he takes some time. He keeps unleashing plagues that debuff your stats (magicka, stamina, and healing received). His other abilities are these plague eruptions that happen from sewer like grates. The tank has to stand on the grate and absorb the entire eruption to protect the group. The boss's main attacks are weak except for the debuffs and consistent poison in the room. So things are very much on the healer. Jorvuld, our friend from before who catches the plague, makes antidotes to remove the debuffs from the various adds. He calls out which one he needs, but things are so loud who knows, and you just kill them all. He also summons a 600k HP guard when he gets stunned on occasion, and you just have to destroy the guard too. It is a long fight, but not overly complicated. There were deaths but not enough to slow things down.

At the alchemy station you can create the cure for Jorvuld...or not. No one did. Poor Jorvuld.

OK, now we get to the final boss. Zaan herself. Now boss fights go normal, veteran (what we are running on) and veteran hard mode. You need veteran to get the mask drop only so we stick with veteran because veteran hard mode would be sadomasochistic and for achievement purposes/bragging rights only.

She has three statues (I think of Peryite) on the peak with her, the Spellbreaker shield, and her own attacks. She has 5.7 million hitpoints. You can fall to your doom if you choose.

The tank is going to get hit with the Spellbreaker shield; and every 80, 60, 40, 20 damage she summons frozen simulacra that you have to destroy and if you don't your group wipes immediately. After that, she drops her shield, gets really angry, and starts creating a group wide damage effect. You stand in the shields aura to save yourself, and then she rushes for the shield intent on killing all of you.

She then has a fire breath that hits individual players. An individual needs to block that fire breath by standing in its way. Usually this is the tank. If the tank can get there. Sometimes other people try and it can work but not for very long.

So all this appears normal, but then each statute spits poison that one shots you. Right, middle, and left. The closer you stand to the statues the more likely you are to avoid the cone of death because the cones go small to wide.

Now, that sounds good in theory. Just like IOTB sounds good in theory. But in practice that shield gets dropped around the damn room, people are running to block fire beams of death, and well, one is more likely than not going to get caught in the poison cone running around. And then a cascade happens to the rest of the group.

So we went in. And we went down. Only because of the poison cones. That was it, we had the mechanics "straight"; we understood them; but god damn it, those poison cones were going to hit one or more of us.

I would say we died about 30 times on this boss. At one point I was just swallowing as many expensive spell power potions as I could just to DPS her down before more cones appeared. No health potions needed because it was just win or death. It's a testament to the group that they did not rage quit, and eventually, we did avoid the cones, and she was finished off. Poor Zaan, she lost her dragon, gets resurrected, now loses her shield for eternity. It's kind of a tragic divorce story with poison cones. Sad face.

Zaan helm acquired. What does the Zaan helm do? Well it increases your spell critical but with the full head and shoulder set piece, it creates a beam of damage at 8 meters distance to fry an enemy every certain percentage of time. Good for DPS when you are close to bosses, trash mobs.

So likely this is in the top five-seven hardest four person dungeons in a game of about 40+ of such dungeons. It was completed. Many deaths were had. But the completion rate is rare enough that people ask elite players to help or buy them through the dungeon just to get the mask at the end. As the lowest level group member of the bunch, it's probably my best dungeon achievement of any MMO.

Needless to say there is harder content that awaits, but I don't think I will ever be at a level to really touch those difficulties/ and then there are leaderboards.

Streaming for 3 hours though you would have been bored as hell watching and questioning your life ;) Victory achieved.

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