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From: Rom
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12:33 06/10/2021
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Subject: had to kill my dog yesterday, frikken life - [Edit Post]          0   0

she had 'end stage arthritis' which means she was healthy except her legs didn't really work anymore

when I adopted her from the shelter her previous owners had probably hit her with a car or something and not bothered to have it fixed so her right rear hip was just a mess of false joints and by the last couple of years she was really struggling to get around at all

lately it she couldn't really do much except lie with her legs all splayed until I got her up and helped her walk / drug her outside etc.

it was getting really really messy as a result of a lot of accidents but I keep telling myself that wasn't the reason we put her to sleep but it was that she was in constant pain (3 different pain meds everyday wasn't really controlling it anymore I think) and miserable. Hell she might have been happy as a clam lying there and crying for treats but i'm hoping that the doctors and all know what they are talking about.

She held on a long time, I've twice before thought it was the end for her and we had several years after those events.

I was able to sleep a full night for the first time in months but still I miss the old girl. What a crap thing dog lifespans are.
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