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From: ¤Xavori¤
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14:54 06/10/2021
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Subject: Thotz (and spoilers obviously) - [Edit Post]          0   0

The 3 lizards in charge of the "sacred timeline" are the bad guys. How can they not be?

Loki was arrested and essentially sentenced to death for...doing something that had to be part of the 'sacred timeline'. Remember that it was his stealing the tesseract that altered that bit of the Avengers' plan. So if he doesn't do what he does, things play out differently, ie. not part of the Sacred Timeline.

What's more, how can Loki, who is in his correct time, be the variant because of the actions of the Avengers? Loki wasn't traveling through time. Loki wasn't putting the Sacred Timeline at risk by going back in time and trying to sneak the Infinity Paperweights forward and then back. And Loki's actions most certainly don't lead to a second Thanos jumping into things to potentially kill half of everything again.

Yet Loki is the one put on trial and not the Avengers because the Avengers were doing what the lizards thought was the correct thing?

So essentially, the lizards have enslaved everyone to their idea of what should happen now and forever. Anyone who doesn't fit into that is a bad guy who needs to be pruned regardless of how they ended up not doing what they were supposed to.

Bad guys.

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